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How This Works

Initial Consult & Questionaire

We start with a 30 min free initial Zoom session. Then we email you a taylored comprehensive questionnaire and have you provide us with any documents, images, or examples of work you like. If needed, we sign NDAs at this time

Work Plan and Quote

Eight hours after we receive your questionnaire and files, we email you a Statement of Work with an itemized quote of deliverables, costs and time tables. We then schedule prototype review sessions of lowfi, midfi and high fidelity final deliverables

3 Step Prototype Cycle

Once we E-sign the final statement of work, we get started. We create up to 5 low-fi prototypes and 1 mid-fi draft. We have two 50 min meetings with you to present the growing work and get both in-person and written feedback an do Q&A

Acceptance & Training

After perfecting the designs, we create the final product. Before final handoff of the accepted work, we have one more 50 min meeting where we train you on maintaining content, administration, contact management, renewal, and/or reordering moving forward

The best next step is to book a free 30 min consultation for a specific service to get an idea of what you want.

We then create a custom questionnaire that we send to your email to fill out and send back. At that time, you can attach any documents or photos with new ideas or current branding copy.

Within 8 hours of your returned completed questionnaire, we send you an itemized quote with a Statement of Work (SOW) using E-Sign.

If you agree to the planned deliverables, timetable, and the itemized payment schedule, then we both E-Sign the SOW, and we will get started on your project ASAP. We usually require a retainer that equals 50% of the total agreed-on cost stated in the SOW before we begin. We will send you a link in an email for an online invoice that you can pay securely online. If you need to back out of the project for any reason, we will return the retainer, minus any hours worked and provide you whatever
 has been completed at that time.

The SOW will explain how our prototyping and feedback process works for your specific project. For the most part, it includes:
1)  We send you 5 initial low-fi concept drafts and present them for review​ in a 50 min meeting
2)  Then with your feedback we develop the working mid-fi draft and present that for review in a 50 min meeting
​3)  Then, with your feedback, we work the final drafts for your approval.

The 3 part interative feedback process works for most projects and helps keep the designs to your specifications and the costs down. We provide a feedback questionnaire with each prototype cycle. The project SOW usually includes two 50 min meetings, scheduled on Zoom or in-person (Austin TX).   Once the work is completed you will receive an link in an email for an online invoice and payment for the final 50% of the agreed on cost stated in the SOW.

All deliverables are deployed in production live, any campaigns activated, processed, and files emailed to you immediately upon final payment of the final online invoice. 

In the final 50 min Acceptance Meeting, we review with you how to use the tools to maintain your site's content, products, customer communications, etc.. We transfer the site to your own private account on the platform and provide you with links to more training videos that help you keep your site running smoothly for years to come. If you are interested, we also offer a maintenance and support subscription where we provide you a customer portal to submit maintenance and support requests (with a helpdesk call number) and we will rapidly respond and keep you posted on our progress.

reach out if you have any questions about how our process works.

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